October 27, 2016, 12:00PM (ET)

Exploring Transit’s Contribution to Livability in Rural Communities

Presenters will discuss an ongoing research study for the U.S. Department of Transportation about rural community livability and the role of public transportation, titled Exploring Transit’s Contribution to Livability in Rural Communities. The definition of livability varies from community to community across a region, states, and the U.S. Public transit may contribute to livability in one or more ways. The presenters will share a recently developed methodology to define livability locally and identify the potential transit markets specific to a community (both internally and due to regional context). The methodology was developed and tested in communities across the country. Case studies in small communities were conducted in the following states: Texas, Maine, Missouri, Oregon, and North Dakota. The presentation will touch on how to evaluate livability, transit awareness, willingness-to-pay, preference for services, and GIS approaches to identify latent transit markets. The webinar will relate practical how-to findings and tools. For example, presenter will share survey templates (for both public and transit user surveys) and stakeholder interview script. The webinar will conclude by discussing the final phase of the study—a national survey of public opinion in urban and rural areas (to be conducted spring 2017). Download Presentation

Presenters: Jonathan Brooks, Texas A&M Transportation Institute Transit Mobility Program; and Ranjit Godavarthy and Jeremy Mattson, Small Urban and Rural Transit Center, North Dakota State University

Jonathan Brooks is an Assistant Research Scientist with Texas A&M Transportation Institute Transit Mobility Program and is located in Houston, Texas. He is an active young professional researcher interested in transportation policy, planning, and project management. He concentrates his research on policies and issues affecting public transportation and is especially interested in the nexus between transit, livability, and sustainability.

Ranjit Godavarthy is Assistant Professor of Transportation at North Dakota State University. He earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in transportation engineering from Kansas State University, Manhattan. He was involved working with various transportation engineering research projects in areas such as public transportation, transportation safety, pedestrian studies, low volume road safety, roundabout studies, traffic control devices, and freight transportation.

Jeremy Mattson is an Associate Research Fellow with the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center (SURTC), a program of the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute at North Dakota State University. He has worked at SURTC since 2007, where he has conducted a number of research projects related to rural and small urban transit. He holds degrees in economics and is a PhD candidate in the Transportation and Logistics program at North Dakota State University.



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