Photo of Arunima Bagui
Arunima Bagui Manager – Fiscal & Business Administration
Phone: 813-396-9314
Photo of Chanyoung Lee Ph.D.
Chanyoung Lee Ph.D. Program Director
Phone: 813-974-5307
Photo of Xiaopeng “Shaw” Li, Ph.D.
Xiaopeng “Shaw” Li, Ph.D. NICR Director, Susan A. Bracken Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor
Home Phone: 813-974-0778
Photo of Fred L. Mannering, Ph.D.
Fred L. Mannering, Ph.D. CUTR Interim Executive Director; Professor, Associate Dean for Research
Phone: (813) 974-5817
Photo of Victoria Perk Ph.D.
Victoria Perk Ph.D. Program Director
Phone: 813-974-7327
Photo of Lisa Staes
Lisa Staes CUTR Associate Director; CUTR Program Director
Phone: 813-974-9787
Photo of Christina Van Allen
Christina Van Allen Communications Officer
Phone: 813-974-9439
Photo of Kristine Williams, AICP
Kristine Williams, AICP NICR Senior Program Manager
Phone: 813-974-9807
Photo of Philip L. Winters
Philip L. Winters Program Director, USF NICR Tech Transfer Assistant Director
Phone: 813-974-9811