CUTR Center Directors

Photo of Fred L. Mannering, Ph.D.
Fred L. Mannering, Ph.D. CUTR Executive Director, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil and Environmental EngineeringLocation: CUT
Phone: 813-974-5817
Photo of Lisa Staes
Lisa Staes CUTR Associate Director Location: CUT 109
Phone: 813-974-9787

National Institute for Congestion Reduction Directors

No results.

Program Directors

Photo of Martin Catala
Martin Catala Program Director, Transit Management & Innovation Transit Management & InnovationLocation: CUT 238
Phone: 813-974-9791
Photo of Sisinnio Concas Ph.D.
Sisinnio Concas , Ph.D. Program Director, Autonomous-Connected Mobility Evaluation (ACME) Autonomous-Connected Mobility Evaluation (ACME)Location: CUT 131
Phone: 813-974-7760
Photo of Jeff Kramer AICP
Jeff Kramer , AICP CUTR Program Director Planning and Corridor ManagementLocation: CUT 124
Phone: 813-974-1397
Photo of Chanyoung Lee Ph.D.
Chanyoung Lee , Ph.D. Program Director, Motorcycle Injury Prevention Motorcycle Injury PreventionLocation: CUT 141
Phone: 813-974-5307
Photo of Pei-Sung Lin Ph.D., PE, PTOE, FITE
Pei-Sung Lin , Ph.D., PE, PTOE, FITE Program Director, ITS, Traffic Operations & Safety ITS, Traffic Operations & Safety
Phone: 813-974-4910
Photo of Victoria Perk Ph.D.
Victoria Perk , Ph.D. Program Director, Transit Research Program Transit Research ProgramLocation: CUT 229
Phone: 813-974-7327
Photo of Philip L. Winters
Philip L. Winters USF NICR Tech Transfer Assistant Director and Program Director, Transportation Demand Management Transportation Demand ManagementLocation: CUT 212
Phone: 813-974-9811

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