ITE Spring Social

The University of South Florida’s Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is a student organization.

USF-ITE Student Chapter aims to:
a) promote the advancement of transportation and traffic engineering by fostering the close association of students with the transportation and traffic engineering profession and the National Institute of Transportation Engineers;
b) acquaint chapter Members with topics of interest in transportation and traffic engineering through the medium of addresses and field trips;
c) foster the development of professional spirit;
d) promote common interest among Chapter Members, and
e) encourage the expansion of facilities for transportation and traffic engineering study.

Student Leadership

Divyamitra Mishra

USF-ITE Student Chapter

Divyamitra Mishra (aka “Dee”) is a doctoral student at the University of South Florida, currently pursuing a degree in transportation engineering from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Dee has been a USF student for five years, and she likes working with data and designing surveys. She also enjoys serving the USF-ITE student chapter. Some of her best student experiences have been through USF-ITE activities. She also enjoy listening to Taylor Swift, singing, playing the guitar, being in nature, and watching Formula 1 racing.


Sai Charita Cherukuri
Vice President
USF-ITE Student Chapter

Sai Charita is a graduate student in transportation engineering at the University of South Florida. She has found her capacity to lead and work with others has improved as a result of her involvement with USF-ITE. She enjoys the USF-ITE team and the support she receives from leadership and other members. Through the Friday Transportation Seminar Series, she learned more about her studies and research in her field. Some of her favorite activities are biking and badminton.


Abhishek Nakire Kommula
USF-ITE Student Chapter

Abhishek Nakire Kommula is currently working towards a master’s degree in transportation engineering. He enjoys contributing to the USF-ITE student chapter and has made good friends and memories. He loves to watch films and go on trips.

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Akhil Kodipyaka
USF-ITE Student Chapter

Akhil Kodipyaka is a student assistant at CUTR. He was born in India and now he is pursuing his master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of South Florida. He is interested in structures and transportation. He likes to play sports in his leisure time.

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Harshith Kummarakuntla
USF-ITE Student Chapter

Harshith Kummarakuntla is a student assistant at CUTR and works as a webmaster. He is from India and is pursuing his master’s degree in transportation engineering at the University of South Florida. Harshith is also interested in architecture and entrepreneurship. He also likes traveling and sports.

Faculty Advisors

Jodi Godfrey

Yu Zhang, Ph.D.