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National Institute for Congestion Reduction (NICR)

Student Spotlight

Hossein Amiri has always been fascinated with engineering. Growing up in a town with extremely heavy traffic, Amiri wanted to know how transportation affected the quality of life. Now studying for a master’s degree in transportation engineering, Amiri is excited to work on simulations, energy expenditures, and autonomous vehicles. + Read more

Project Spotlight


Safety by Design Florida is a project within CUTR promoting and encouraging traffic safety in Florida. By working to provide a collection of engineering resources for safety transportation design, and educational material, Safety by Design is the “one-stop-shop” for all transportation safety efforts. This initiative was started by FDOT District One Secretary L.K. Nandam in order to address pedestrian safety issues in the national report “Dangerous by Design.” Safety is paramount to this project, and Safety by Design’s main goal is to utilize all aspects of traffic safety to eliminate traffic fatalities. + Learn more