Visiting CUTR

Please do not park in any “Reserved” or “Disabled” parking spaces! (Unless you are disabled or have paid for a reserved spot. You’ll get a ticket!!)

Click here to view a Google Map of CUTR’s location, the Parking Permit Vending location, and the Richard A. Beard parking garage are also tagged on this map.

The CUTR building (CUT) is the two-story brick and tan building with green awnings on the north side of Alumni Drive. The physical address of CUTR is 3808 USF Alumni Drive, Tampa, Fl, 33620. Click to see the building layout, including important safety information.

Traveling to CUTR

To Reach the USF Campus from I-75 Northbound
Exit at Fowler Avenue West. The campus is about 4 miles west of the I-75 exit. Turn right into USF’s main entrance (Leroy Collins Blvd.).

To Reach the USF Campus from I-275 Northbound
Exit at Fowler Avenue and turn right onto Fowler. The campus is about 4 miles east of the I-275 exit. Turn left into USF’s main entrance (Leroy Collins Blvd.).

Parking on campus near CUTR

Parking on the USF campus requires either the purchase of a campus parking permit or payment at metered parking (up to 1 hour) at several locations around the campus.

A parking permit costs $5.00 and can be purchased from the Campus Information Center on your immediate right after entering the USF campus from Fowler Ave.

A permit is valid for ONLY the day scratched off on the USF permit. Scratch-off permits allow parking in the Richard A Beard Parking Garage ONLY. Visitors must park on levels 4 through 8 in the garage.

To Reach Parking Lots for CUTR visitors
From the main campus drive (Leroy Collins Blvd.), turn left at the first light (Alumni Drive). Off Alumni Drive, you may park in the Richard A. Beard Parking Garage, (due west of the CUTR building).

Please visit the USF website for USF Campus Maps.

Click the map image below to see a more detailed map of the College of Engineering area of campus.

College of Engineering Map

College of Engineering Map