Information for Transportation Students

Contributing to the education of future transportation professionals has been a primary goal of CUTR since its establishment. By working closely with student assistants on research projects and student organizations and activities, serving as theses advisers, assisting students with job placement, teaching transportation and related courses, and developing an interdisciplinary transportation program at USF, CUTR faculty are dedicated to the professional and educational development of students in the College of Engineering and throughout USF. CUTR is committed to assisting the state in training Florida’s brightest students for successful careers in transportation for the benefit of the citizens of Florida and the nation.

Each year, positions as research assistants are awarded to graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines. Their skills in research, writing, statistical analysis, geographic information systems, management information systems, database management, and graphics are an important contribution to CUTR’s research program. In addition, students are provided with encouragement and assistance in co-authoring papers with CUTR faculty, attending and making presentations at local, state, and national conferences and meetings, and maintaining involvement in professional organizations and societies.

USF Transportation-Related Degree Programs

USF offers eight transportation-related degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, plus two graduate certificates. We also offer a vibrant transportation seminar series and a webinar series. Further, many student organizations offer opportunities for professional development. We support education for full time students and for working professionals.




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List of Transportation Related Courses at USF Tampa

TTE 4004 Transportation Engineering I
TTE 4005 Transportation Engineering II
TTE 4003 Transportation and Society
CEG 4011L Geotechnical/Transportation Lab
CEG 4850 Capstone Geotechnical/Transportation Design
TTE 5205 Traffic Systems Engineering
TTE 5305 Infrastructure System Management
TTE 5501 Transportation Planning and Economics
TTE 5620 Air Transportation
TTE 6270 Intelligent Transportation Systems
TTE 6657* Sustainable Transportation
TTE 6307 Statistical and Econometric Models I
TTE 6315 Transportation Safety
TTE 6505 Discrete Choice Models of Behavior
TTE 6507 Travel Demand Modeling
TTE 6651 Public Transportation
TTE 6655 Transportation and Land Use
TTE 6833 Asphalt and Asphalt Mixes
TTE 6835 Pavement  Design
TTE 6837 Pavement  Management Systems
TTE 6930 Graduate  Transportation Seminar
CGN 6933 Traffic Flow Theory
CGN 6933 Transportation and Infrastructure Network Analysis
CGN 6933 Airport Planning, Operations and Management
CGN 6933 Advanced  Geometric  Design of Highways
CGN 6933 Computer  Applications in Traffic Engineering
CGN 6501 Statistics  and Econometrics Methods II
CGN 6933 Trans Economics
CGN 4/6933 Sustainable Urban Mobility – Study Abroad
GEO 4700 Transportation Geography
URB 6930 Multimodal Transportation Planning