On May 6, 2014, the US Patent and Trade Office awarded US Patent Number 8,718,671 to CUTR’s Sean Barbeau, PhD, Phil Winters, and Nevine Georggi, and Rafael Perez, PhD and Miguel Labrador, PhD  with USF Computer Science and Engineering for an adaptive location data buffering method for location-aware applications on a mobile device. The method transmits location data packets via an unreliable protocol to a receiving device and buffers a copy of the location data packet. Periodically, the method also transmits a location data packet via a reliable protocol to the receiving device. When no acknowledgment is received from the receiving device, the location data sent via the reliable protocol is buffered to memory. Once an acknowledgment is received from the receiving device, all of the buffered location data is sent to the receiving device via an unreliable protocol. Contact Sean Barbeau at Barbeau@cutr.usf.edu for more information.

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