Understanding Ridership Trends in Transit

Principal Investigator:

Steven Polzin Ph.D


The objective of this research Is to enhance understanding of the various factors that are impacting ridership demand trends such that the transit industry can direct its resources in the most productive fashion, and policy decision-making can be supported by a stronger foundation of knowledge on transit travel demand. This knowledge can be the basis for discerning strategies for adapting such that mobility needs continue to be met in a resource efficient and market responsive fashion.


Grant DTRT13-G-UTC56
USF # 71811-00
Funding Amount $199,330
Project Start Date 9/26/17
Expected Date of Completion 8/30/18
Performing Organization Center for Urban Transportation Research- National Center for Transit Research
Sponsor Organization Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology- University Transportation Centers Program -Department of Transportation
Sponsor Organization Florida Department of Transportation
Project Manager Robert L. Bertini Ph.D
Principal Investigator Steven Polzin Ph.D


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