Smartphone-based Connected Bicycle Prototype Development for Sustainable Multimodal Transportation System

Principal Investigator:

Achilleas Kourtellis Ph.D


The project’s goal is to develop a proof of concept prototype connected bicycle and demonstrate that the technology works and can provide a connection between a bicycle and the road environment. The specific objectives are to:

(1) Conduct a comprehensive literature review regarding peer techniques of connected bicycle and transferrable techniques from connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles.

(2) Identify critical information (i.e., position, acceleration/declaration, direction, speed, etc.) and system configuration requirements (i.e., wireless bandwidth, global positioning system (GPS) resolution, tactile and/or acoustic warning system, etc.) for B2X (bicycle-to-everything) communication in a sustainable multimodal transportation system.

(3) Identify and/or develop the information transmission mechanism for B2X communication in a sustainable multimodal transportation system; and

(4) Develop a proof-of-concept prototype for a smartphone-based connected bicycle using identified hardware (i.e., sensor, transmitter, smartphone, bicycle anti-theft system, etc.) and software (i.e., smartphone system configuration, mobile application and user interface, etc.) components.

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Grant DTRT13-G-UTC56
USF # 79063-17
Funding Amount $105,001
Project Start Date 1/1/18
Expected Date of Completion 12/31/18
Performing Organization Center for Urban Transportation Research- National Center for Transit Research
Sponsor Organization Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology- University Transportation Centers Program -Department of Transportation
Project Manager Robert L. Bertini Ph.D
Principal Investigator Achilleas Kourtellis Ph.D


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