Upcoming FAC Webinar: The Economy of General Aviation Airport Security Awareness

August 29, 2017 10:30AM (ET)

The Economy of General Aviation Airport Security Awareness

General aviation (GA) Airports account for approximately 77 percent of all US flights. GA employees support 3.3 jobs elsewhere in the national economy. With over 200,000 aircraft and nearly 5,000 airports to choose from, the GA community employs and supports millions of jobs and it is important to keep this industry, and the public using it, safe and secure.

Recognizing that in the present threat environment we live in, it’s the private sector, the public at our GA Airports that stand as the first line of defense for its own facilities and assets. Security should not be viewed as a cost that brings little or no value to the airport. Instead, security should be viewed in relation to the airport’s business and master plans and how security can be leveraged to enhance and advance these plans. Making sure stakeholders and tenants not only know the rules but receive adequate training, can help drive the economics of the airport and the surrounding neighborhood.

Reports to Review

What you will learn:

  • GA impact on US economy
  • Security vulnerabilities, threats to avoid
  • Reporting programs in place
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in to keep them flying in
  • Engaging strategies to use

Who should attend:

  • GA Airport Leadership Personnel
  • FBO and Tenant Employees at GA Airports
  • Local Community Leaders and Airport Supporters
  • TIME: 1-2 hours including Q&A

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Pre-registration is not required. For those unable to attend, the webinar will be recorded and available within 48 hours.

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