December 13,2012 at 12:00pm Eastern.

Coordinated data sharing is important for intermodal transportation agencies with jurisdictions that overlap the same geographic area.  Manual data sharing is difficult to sustain at a high frequency due to the manual effort involved in collecting, formatting, sending, receiving, and processing the data.  This webcast discusses a research project that successfully developed and demonstrated a prototype software system that is able to automatically retrieve General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)-based datasets (describing transit stops, routes, and schedules) from local transit agency websites and store them in the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 7 (D7) enterprise geo-database. Additionally, a Web application was developed that is capable of showing multimodal data for the regional transportation systems.  This system shows information that is always based on the most recent data available from the transit agency.  Various challenges and lessons learned during the project will be discussed.

Download a PDF copy of the presentation.

Presenters: Sean Barbeau, CUTR, Elba Lopez, Florida Department of Transportation, and Richard Pascoe, GISP


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AICP-CM credit is not available for this CUTR webcast recording.

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