July 9, 2015 12:00PM (ET)

Do as I say, not as I do: Observed compliance vs. stated understanding of pedestrian crossing laws in Florida

The webinar will present part of the work conducted for the evaluation of the pedestrian safety focused initiative launched by FDOT in 2011. The evaluation includes the method and data collected during the observational and public opinion surveys for pedestrians, and analysis on the difference between what is observed and what people state when asked specific traffic law questions related to pedestrian crossings. View Handout

Presenter: Achilleas Kourtellis, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate, Center for Urban Transportation Research

Dr. Achilleas Kourtellis has earned his Civil Engineering (Transportation) degrees at USF. He has worked on safety projects for the National Center for Transit Research evaluating technologies for transit buses, motorcycle, pedestrian and bicycle safety campaign evaluation and recently the Naturalistic Driving Study funded by the SHRP2 program of TRB. He has been working with FDOT Central Safety Office on the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Focused Initiative since 2011 to reduce pedestrian and bicycle crashes in Florida’s high emphasis counties. This June he and his team at CUTR started working on the Naturalistic Bicycle Behavior Pilot Study, a unique project for Florida and the U.S. funded by FDOT to collect data on naturalistic bicycling behavior. He is the author and co-author of several papers presented and published at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting Proceedings, Transportation Research Record, ITS World Congress and Application of Advanced Technologies in Transportation conferences. He currently works at CUTR as a Research Associate in the ITS, Traffic Operations and Safety Program.



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