July 28, 2011 This webcast discusses recent developments in online trip planning tools for walking, bicycling, and public transportation to meet a community’s mobility needs. Although proprietary services such as Google Transit/Bikes are well known to the public, it is becoming possible for public transportation agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, and even large employers and large transportation management agencies to provide similar services at surprisingly low setup costs. Customized multimodal trip planners can have higher-quality local data and can provide information and services tailored to meet the needs of local communities. We provide an overview of recent technology developments in this area, examples from a demo website at the University of South Florida (http://opentripplanner.usf.edu/), a high-level guide to implementing such services, and some suggestions for customization. Download a PDF copy of the presentation.

Presented by: Edward L. Hillsman, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate and Sean J. Barbeau, Research Associate, Center for Urban Transportation Research



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