CUTR Transportation Webcast Series



Principal Investigator Stephanie Lewis
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The goals of the biweekly CUTR Transportation series are to increase the knowledge of transportation professionals and policy makers in Florida, the U.S. and beyond by sharing transportation research, to increase the reach of technology transfer, especially to those transportation professionals who are unable to travel to conferences due to time and cost constraints and to encourage discussion among participants and receive input on subjects requiring future research.


Grant DTRT13-G-UTC56
USF # 79063-01
Funding Amount $54,771
Project Start Date 3/1/18
Expected Date of Completion 9/30/19
Performing Organization Center for Urban Transportation Research- National Center for Transit Research
Sponsor Organization Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology- University Transportation Centers Program -Department of Transportation
Project Manager Robert L. Bertini Ph.D
Principal Investigator Stephanie Lewis

Please visit the CUTR Transportation Webcast Series page to view all recordings