CUTR hosted its 2019 Olympic Games on Tuesday, November 19. Click here to view more photographs!

Ping-Pong Tournament


1st place: Pei-Sung Lin
2nd place: Mouyid Islam
3rd place: Jeff Kramer


First Place Team; 27 points
Reena Raturi
Lizette Charriez
Zhenyu Wang

Second Place Team; 26 points
Pei-Sung Lin
Deborah Schultz
Mouyid Islam

Third Place Team; 25 points (tie)
Eren Yuksel
Jason Jackman
Pei-Sung Lin

Third Place Team; 25 points (tie)
Nikhil Menon
Arunima Bagui
Kiryanna Stanley

4 Corners Winners

First Place Team; 17.00 seconds – CUTR RECORD
Pei-Sung Lin, Jason Jackman, Mouyid Islam, Eren Yuksel

Second Place Team; 20.01 seconds
Nikhil Menon, Pei-Sung Lin, Eren Yuksel, Sophia Saavedra

Third Place Team; 27.07 seconds
Tia Boyd, Jeff Kramer, Yaye Keita, Mouyid Islam

Basketball Toss

1st place: Jason Jackman; 11 points
2nd place: Deborah Schultz; 10 points
3rd place: Nikhil Menon; 9 points

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