Kristine Williams, AICP, is CUTR’s Planning and Corridor Management Research Program Director.

Ms. Williams is a land use and transportation policy and planning specialist with extensive experience in research, training and consulting on access management. She has assisted numerous state transportation agencies, metropolitan planning organizations, and local governments in developing access management and corridor management plans, policies and regulations.

Ms. Williams was a Fulbright Senior Specialist in 2008 when she assisted with curriculum development and conducted seminars on access management at the Asia Institute of Technology in Thailand and the Thailand Department of Highways. She served as a member of the Fulbright Urban Planning Peer Review Committee in 2009/2010. In 2005, she was sponsored by the Beijing University of Technology to conduct a week-long short course for graduate students on access management. In 2012, she was a keynote speaker and co-instructor of an Access Management Seminar at the 31st Annual Southern African Transport Conference in Pretoria.
She was appointed to the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Access Management Committee in 1994 and has served as Chair of the TRB Access Management Committee. Beginning in 2019, Ms. Williams was recognized with Emeritus Member status by the Standing Committee on Access Management of the Transportation Research Board. Emeritus Members have had a long history of standing committee service and have been nominated by their peers for their exceptional service to transportation and to TRB. Congratulations on this significant recognition by your peers, Kristine!

“I’ve always been concerned about the effects of urbanization on the natural environment. I’m also curious about how cultural values and traditions influence the way that we live and how that plays out in the design of our cities and transportation systems. For me, a career in urban planning was the obvious choice –an avenue to reduce our impact on the environment and improve people’s lives.”

Congratulations, Kristine!


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