May 17, 2012 Over the past decade, efficient freight transportation rose to the top of many executive’s priority lists.  In the quest for economic development, coupled with growth in international trade, transportation agencies are modifying business as usual approaches to transportation investments.  Freight doesn’t vote.  Freight is also inherently a private sector focused activity.  As such, the traditional model for public sector stewardship of transportation infrastructure faces new challenges and new opportunities.  This presentation will highlight emerging best practices for integrating freight into the business processes for public sector agencies.  It will cover the historical approaches to freight management and detail the complex relationships between public sector and private sector stakeholders in the freight transportation industry.  Since most freight activity occurs outside of public view, the ability to clearly demonstrate the freight “story” becomes an important missive for public agencies.  The presentation recommendations will include potential organizational structures to accommodate freight focused decision making, detail steps to develop better understanding of the economic effects of freight, and highlight critical activity areas to improve the efficiency of freight movements. Download a PDF copy of the presentation.

Presented by: Jason Bittner, former Director, Center for Urban Transportation Research


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