February 9, 2012 Many students, jobseekers, and entry level workers lack information on career opportunities in the transit industry. This makes recruitment, retention, and advancement more difficult. As more workers in the industry approach retirement, leaders will require new tools to attract and advance the next generation of skilled workers. In 2009, the John. J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University, under a grant from the Federal Transit Administration, began an effort to map the structure of the transit workforce and to develop career awareness materials, including a poster/brochure that provides a map of public transportation jobs, and an occupational guide book. These materials were created using data from the National Transit Database, staffing patterns data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, input from industry experts, and a review of resources on the Internet. They describe, and visually display, key areas of work, job groups and key occupations, typical job duties and salaries, key skills and education required.

Heldrich staff designed these materials, which are now in draft form, to start discussions about common aspects of work in the industry, to facilitate national and regional workforce development initiatives based on key job groups and skill needs, and to provide tools that human resources professionals can use to explain career opportunities. This forum will allow researchers to share the draft guide and poster/brochure materials with participants and to obtain their feedback on the information covered in this effort. Such input is vital to ensuring that the final products are accurate and reflect a broad-based understanding of the industry. Download a PDF copy of the presentation.

Presented by: Nicole Corre, Rutgers University



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