Sustainable Transportation (TTE 6657) is a graduate course taken by students in civil and environmental engineering, urban planning and global sustainability, that includes an overview and analysis of concepts and designs for sustainable transportation. From both a global and local level, this interdisciplinary course explores pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation. The Sustainable Transportation course also addresses economic and environmental factors with a strong focus on equity. Each year there is an in-depth, hands-on complete streets design project, conducted in partnership with the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida Department of Transportation and other partners and stakeholders. This course is currently taught by CUTR Director Dr. Robert Bertini and CUTR Faculty Jason Jackman.


In 2019 six groups focused on sections of Henderson Blvd., S. MacDill Ave., Sligh Ave., and two locations on the USF Campus.
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Group One Final Presentation  Henderson Blvd
Group Two Final Presentation S. MacDill Avenue
Group Three Final Presentation S. MacDill Avenue
Group Four Final Presentation E. Sligh Avenue
Group Five Final Presentation W. Sligh Avenue
Group Six Final Presentation USF Campus
BPAC Presentation Presentation


In 2018 four groups focused on a section of W. Columbus Drive and each group developed competing solutions.
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Existing Conditions 2018 W. Columbus Existing Conditions 
Group One W. Columbus Drive
Group Two W. Columbus Drive
Group Three· W. Columbus Drive
Group Four   W. Columbus Drive


CUTR Faculty Kristine Williams led the Sustainable Transportation course in Spring 2017 with CUTR Director Dr. Robert Bertini that produced complete streets conceptual designs for Morgan Street in downtown Tampa. The project was conducted for the City of Tampa with funding from the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization. Students were asked to evaluate existing conditions and identify conceptual designs to enhance livability, and provide safe operations for bicycles, pedestrians and transit users.

Click here to view the 2017 student concept booklet.