The team focuses on transit management and innovation-related projects by providing practical technical support, transit management services, and research to transit agencies and local governments, specializing in service planning and operational matters, capital and operating analysis, project management, public involvement, and grant management. Research conducted includes operational procedures, technology applications, and urban and rural mobility and data analysis. Additionally, the program manages the Florida Transit Planning Network (FTPN) and the Florida Transit Marketing Network (FTMN) supported by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

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Martin Catala

Program Director, Transit Management & Innovation Transit Management & InnovationLocation: CUT 238
Phone: 813-974-9791
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Martin Catala is the Chair of the National Transit GIS Clearinghouse and the program director of the Advanced Geo-Spatial Informatics Laboratory (AGIL) and a member of the Transit Management and Innovation (TMI) Group at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), located at the University of South Florida (USF). Mr. Catala’s areas of expertise include the development and implementation of transit performance measures, open data policy and procedures for public transit agencies, livability and geographic information systems (GIS). He has number of projects with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), including development of open data guidelines for transit agencies, development of national transit livability database for urban and rural settings, and national quality of service measures for public transit.

Knowledge: Martin has over 20 years’ experience in public transportation research with specific skills in the area of performance measurement, planning, GIS, technology implementation, livable communities and informatics and distributed data systems.

Mr. Catala has had extensive experience in developing community profiles using national and local datasets and leverages his specialties to produce community and customer oriented performance measures so transit agencies may best attract and retain customers.

Relative Experience:

· National Transit Livability Database and Performance Metrics

· National Transit Performance Measures

· Transit Development Plans

· Guidance with customer-oriented data programs such as GTFS and real-time information

· Service Planning and Performance Evaluation

· Spatial analysis and demographic modeling


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