The Transit Management and Innovation (TMI) group is dedicated to delivering practical technical support, transit management services, and research to transit agencies and local governments. TMI’s focus is on projects related to transit management and innovation, and our services include expertise in several areas. These include:

  • Service planning and operational matters: TMI provides expertise in service planning and operations, including route planning, scheduling, and service delivery optimization. We work with transit agencies to identify and address service gaps and improve service quality.
  • Short and long-range transit planning: TMI provides expertise in the development of transit-agency-specific plans, including but not limited to annual and major updates of Transit Development Plans (TDP) and Coordinated Public Transit Human Services Plans, Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA), strategic/vision plans, and ITS business plans.
  • Capital and operating analysis: TMI helps transit agencies analyze their capital and operating costs and identify cost-saving opportunities. Our team works with agencies to develop and implement cost-effective strategies that improve financial sustainability.
  • Project management: TMI assists transit agencies with project management, from project initiation to close-out. Our project management services include budgeting, scheduling, and risk management.
  • Public involvement: TMI helps transit agencies engage with their stakeholders, including riders, community groups, and local governments. Our public involvement services include community outreach, public meetings, and survey research.
  • Grant/financial planning/budget management: TMI provides grant training and oversight to transit agencies to help them secure and manage grants for their projects, develop sustainable short and long-term planning-level budgets, and developing steps to maximize existing financial resources from a variety of transportation and related funding sources.
  • On-demand service evaluation: TMI provides analysis on on-demand transportation services including microtransit, paratransit, and ride-hailing services.
  • Performance measures: TMI works with transit agencies to develop performance measures and metrics to help them evaluate the effectiveness of their operations and services.
  • Transit Program & Organizational Development: TMI assists local, state, and federal transit agencies in the development and management of compliant and personalized programs in critical areas of transit-based program management including Triennial Reviews, National Transit Database (NTD), Title VI, Transit Asset Management (TAM), the development and usage of transit-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and identifying ways to improve local agency/MPO/FDOT/FTA/FHWA partnerships.
  • Corridor Planning and Development: TMI assists in the development of corridor-specific transit analysis and transit-related amenity development, including but not limited to transit investment and service alternatives development, complete streets planning and project development for transit enhancements, and bus stop location planning and assessment.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS): TMI uses GIS tools to help transit agencies analyze their service areas, identify service gaps, and plan for service improvements.
  • Urban and rural mobility and data analysis: TMI’s research focuses on urban and rural mobility issues, including transportation equity, accessibility, and sustainability. We use data analysis tools to help transit agencies identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement.

TMI provides grant training and oversight for transit services delivered to individuals living with disabilities and older adults and ensures compliance with Federal Title VI regulations, coordination, and technical support. The team also partners with local transit agencies to work on transit development plans and transit managerial functions.

TMI manages the Florida Transit Planning Network (FTPN), which engages with the transit planning community and shares topical news, reports, and insights into the challenges faced by the planning community. The ultimate objective is to enhance the transit experience for all riders while supporting transit agencies and local governments in achieving their operational and service goals.


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