Careers in Transit Video


Joel Volinski, Director – National Center for Transit Research

The National Center for Transit Research (NCTR) at the University of South Florida is pleased to announce the availability of a 10-minute video entitled “Careers in Transit”. Public Transportation has often been referred to as “the accidental occupation” because most people are not aware of the many good career opportunities that exist in the field of transit. This fast-paced DVD is designed to be seen by high school and college students who have yet to make up their minds on what field they will enter. It provides a preliminary glimpse of the kinds of jobs that are available, and stresses the “green nature” of transit as well as the extensive technology that is being utilized in all forms of transit systems. We hope it will increase their interest in exploring the possibility of working in the field of public transportation. Given the tremendous competition there will be for talent once the Boomer generation retires, the public transportation industry must compete for good applicants and increase its visibility as an employer of choice.

We would also like to gratefully acknowledge the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority in Tampa, Florida, the Research and Innovative Technology Administration of the USDOT, and the Florida Department of Transportation for providing the funding needed to produce this video. I also want to acknowledge Stephanie (Zavacki) Lewis of NCTR for her diligence and patience in producing the video. We hope it will be an excellent tool for those who wish to help young people become aware of the many good paying, interesting, and community-oriented positions there are in a field that is sure to expand in the future.

Sincerely, Joel Volinski, Director – National Center for Transit Research