The team focuses on transit management and innovation-related projects by providing practical technical support, transit management services, and research to transit agencies and local governments, specializing in service planning and operational matters, capital and operating analysis, project management, public involvement, and grant management. Research conducted includes operational procedures, technology applications, and urban and rural mobility and data analysis. Additionally, the program manages the Florida Transit Planning Network (FTPN) and the Florida Transit Marketing Network (FTMN) supported by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

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Mark Mistretta

Research Associate Location: CUT 243
Phone: 813-974-9758
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Mr. Mistretta has been a Research Associate with the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) since 2001 and has a total of 24 years of experience in public transportation research, transit planning and project management (with 4 years as a transit planner at transit agencies in Florida prior to working at CUTR). He has been involved with the start-up and management of two highly-regarded FDOT Programs, the Florida Transit Planning Network (FTPN) and the Florida Transit Marketing Network (FTMN). He works closely with FDOT District One on a number of projects, including vehicle inventory site visits and database maintenance which he has been involved with since 2005. Mark has also worked on grant management training and evaluation, which he has been involved with since 2014. He continues to be involved with TDPs and other planning-related projects on both the state level (i.e. CTD innovative service grant evaluation) and the local level (i.e Bull Runner route planning project).



Federal Transit Grants Management

Federal Transit Grants Training

Transit Planning

Transit Development Plans (TDPs)

Transit Peer and Trend Analysis

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Survey Design and Analysis

Web Page Design and Content Updates


Representative Experience

  • Assisted CTD (Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged) with the revision of training materials and the evaluation of applications for the 2021/22 Innovative Service Development Grant program.
  • Developed training materials for FDOT D1 Grants Management Training for FTA Section 5310, 5311, and 5339 grants
  • Assisted FDOT D1 Grants Management team in the evaluation of applications and selection process for Section 5310, 5311, and 5339 grants
  • Developed Program of Projects (POPs) for FDOT D1 Section 5310, 5311, and 5339 programs
  • Developed and maintain the database for FDOT District One Vehicle Inventory
  • Developed and maintain title release eligibility tracking spreadsheet for FDOT District One
  • Conducted transit route planning and onboard survey for USF Bull Runner
  • Assisted on TDPs: peer and trend analysis, onboard surveys, electronic surveys
  • Assisted in the design and maintain the website for the Florida Transit Planning Network (FTPN) and the website for the Florida Transit Marketing Network
  • Maintain the FTPN and FTMN listserv and contact list
  • Designed and distributed electronic newsletters for FTMN and FTPN
  • Designed and conducted electronic surveys via Qualtrics and other survey software



M.A., Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida, 1997

B.S., Geography, University of South Florida, 1995