The team focuses on transit management and innovation-related projects by providing practical technical support, transit management services, and research to transit agencies and local governments, specializing in service planning and operational matters, capital and operating analysis, project management, public involvement, and grant management. Research conducted includes operational procedures, technology applications, and urban and rural mobility and data analysis. Additionally, the program manages the Florida Transit Planning Network (FTPN) and the Florida Transit Marketing Network (FTMN) supported by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

TMI Recent News

Photo of Martin Catala
Martin Catala Program Director, Transit Management & Innovation Transit Management & InnovationLocation: CUT 238
Phone: 813-974-9791
Photo of Melissa De Leon
Melissa De Leon Program Assistant Transit Management ProgramLocation: CUT 244
Phone: 813-974-7904
Photo of Ann Joslin
Ann Joslin Senior Research Associate Location: CUT 239
Phone: 813-974-9183
Photo of Mark Mistretta
Mark Mistretta Research Associate Location: CUT 243
Phone: 813-974-9758