Program Overview

CUTR’s Transit Research Program hosts the National Bus Rapid Transit Institute (NBRTI), an international program of training, technical assistance, research, and innovation in the field of BRT.  Sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), NBRTI was created at CUTR in 2001 to serve as a resource to transit agencies, consultants, and government agencies that are planning, designing, engineering, building, or operating BRT systems.  NBRTI’s mission is “to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and innovation for increasing the speed, efficiency and reliability of high capacity bus service through the implementation of bus rapid transit systems.”  The program achieves this mission by serving as a clearinghouse for all current BRT-related information, providing technical assistance and conference support, conducting research and system evaluations, and testing/demonstrating innovative tools, technologies, or methodologies within the realm of BRT.  In addition to its work in the U.S., NBRTI has established enduring relationships with the international BRT community, and is known for disseminating worldwide knowledge on BRT “lessons learned” through workshops, conferences, publications, and research.  The program has participated in conferences and BRT site visits to Russia, China, India, Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador, among others.

News from the Transit Research Program

Photo of David Fink
David Fink Graphic Designer Transit Research ProgramLocation: CUT 223A
Phone: 813-974-1989
Photo of Jennifer Flynn
Jennifer Flynn Senior Research Associate Transit Research ProgramLocation: CUT 226
Phone: 813-974-6529
Photo of Jana Huss
Jana Huss Research Support Specialist Transit Research ProgramLocation: CUT 223
Phone: 813-974-9779
Photo of Alex Kolpakov
Alex Kolpakov Senior Research Associate Transit Research ProgramLocation: CUT 225
Phone: 813-974-4038
Photo of Victoria Perk Ph.D.
Victoria Perk Ph.D. Program Director Transit Research ProgramLocation: CUT 229
Phone: 813-974-7327
Photo of Austin Marie Sipiora
Austin Marie Sipiora Research Associate Transit Research ProgramLocation: CUT 231
Phone: 813-974-1885