Transit Safety and Workforce Development Programs

Program Overview

This program provides technical assistance and professional development opportunities to Florida’s public transportation agencies. In addition, research initiatives are conducted in the areas of transit system safety and security and mobility for older adults and people with disabilities. The Florida Transit Safety and Operations Network (FTSON) provides a platform for discussion of safety and operation challenges and opportunities impacting public transportation providers.  The FTSON also includes an active listserv and comprehensive website and resource repository. Working with local community colleges, the Transit Technician Education Program provides post-secondary adult vocational training and a state certification for maintenance technicians. The Transit Operator Training Program works in partnership with the U.S. Transportation Safety Institute to train and certify Florida’s bus operator trainers. The newly instituted Transit Manager Certification Program works with the University of South Florida’s University College/Continuing Education Department to provide transit managers the skills they need to advance in their careers.  The Substance Abuse Management Program has received accolades from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for training tools and resource materials produced through the program. The TSWD program has developed training curriculum, videos, and computer-based training modules for the U.S. Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Institute, FTA, as well as other state and national organizations.  The TSWD program also houses Florida’s Rural Transit Assistance Program and the Transit Research Inspection Procurement Services program.


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