Program Overview

For more than 20 years, this program has delivered high-quality applied research, policy development, and technology transfer services for public, nonprofit, and private sector clients on a range of contemporary transportation planning topics. Knowledgeable program faculty bring together public and private sector experience to address client needs. Program focus areas include access management, metropolitan transportation planning, multimodal transportation planning, and public involvement. Program faculty authored the TRB Access Management Manual and provide training and technical support to state, regional, and local government agencies on development of systemwide or corridor access management and right-of-way preservation plans, policies and regulations. Representative multimodal planning projects and services include statewide policy research, development of planning and regulatory models, impact assessment and mitigation guidance, peer review and technology transfer to local government agencies. Public involvement projects include state of the practice assessments, best practices research, and public involvement performance measurement. Work in metropolitan transportation planning has included policy analysis, MPO organizational structure and staffing, regional coordination, programming and system development, finance, funding, decision-making, and performance measurement. The program also provides ongoing research and staff support to the Florida Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council (MPOAC) and provides intensive training for MPO elected officials through the MPOAC Institute.

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Photo of Tia Boyd
Tia Boyd Research Associate Planning and Corridor ManagementLocation: CUT 130
Phone: 813-974-5324
Photo of Lucy Deba Enomah
Lucy Deba Enomah Student Research Assistant Planning & Corridor Management
Photo of Taylor Dinehart
Taylor Dinehart Graduate Student Reseacher Planning and Corridor Management
Photo of Yaye Keita, Ph.D.
Yaye Keita, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Scholar Planning & Corridor ManagementLocation: CUT 134
Phone: 813-974-8879
Photo of Jeff Kramer AICP
Jeff Kramer AICP Senior Research Associate Location: CUT 124
Phone: 813-974-1397
Photo of Christen Miller
Christen Miller Administrative Specialist Planning and Corridor ManagementLocation: CUT 223
Phone: (813)974-6387
Photo of Kristine Williams, AICP
Kristine Williams, AICP NICR Senior Program Manager CUTR Program DirectorLocation: CUT 132
Phone: 813-974-9807