2-3: Enhancing Equity and Access


Principal Investigator Daniel Rodriguez
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This project will explore the distribution of new micro-mobility services, as well as the factors driving the demand, or lack thereof, of these services in heterogeneous neighborhoods. This project will focus on electric scooter (e-scooter) sharing services. The first e-scooter shared service in Puerto Rico was established by a private operator in the city of Mayaguez in August 2019. E-scooter services were subsequently established by the same company in the cities of San Germán and Río Piedras. The three cities differ in demographics, urban form, and topography. The main common characteristic of the three e-scooter service areas is the presence of a major university campus. E-scooter user data will be collected from in-person surveys and from observational studies. Operational data will be requested to the e-scooter service provider to complement the research data collection efforts. Based on these data, statistical and machine learning-based models of the demand for this type of mobility service will be developed. The data and models can be used to: i) examine the equity implications of the e-scooter services implemented in Puerto Rico; ii) analyze the possible congestion reduction impacts of e-scooter shared systems; iii) and develop methods to optimize the spatiotemporal distribution of e-scooters based on equity considerations and congestion reduction potential.