Project Lead  Collaborator
Pillar 1 Urban and Rural Traffic Management in the Age of Big Data
1-1 Demand-Side Management of Auto Traffic Walker & Hansen UCB Lin & Z. Wang USF
1-2 Supply-Side Management of Auto Traffic Sunkari TAMU/TTI Cassidy & Shen UCB
1-3 System Monitoring of Auto Traffic Brydia TAMU/TTI Shen & Cassidy UCB
1-4 Transit Priority Li & Bertini USF Daganzo UCB
Pillar 2 Battling Congestion Using Innovation Mobility Platforms
2-2 Formulating Innovative Mobility Policies to Reduce Congestion Shaheen & Frick UCB Sener TAMU/TTI
2-3 Enhancing Equity and Access Colucci UPRM
Pillar 3 Incentivizing Transit in the Face of Innovative Alternatives
3-1 Influencing Travel Behavior via Open Source Platform Barbeau & Maness USF Turner TAMU/TTI
3-3 Targeting Transit Incentives to Congestion Sources Rodrigues & Chatman UCB P. Chen & Winters USF
Pillar 4 Battling Congestion on Freeway Corridors 
4-1 Pricing Mechanisms for Managed Lanes Burris TAMU/TTI Figueroa UPRM
4-2 Proactive Congestion Management  Concas & Perk USF Kuhn TAMU/TTI
4-3 Corridor-Wide Surveillance Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems Colucci UPRM Zhang & Kourtellis USF