Program Overview

MIPI conducts research and educational outreach to prevent motor-vehicle injuries and deaths focused on motorcycles. The interdisciplinary MIPI team consists of both engineers and public health professionals with significant knowledge of and experience with motorcycle safety promotion techniques including theory-based motorcyclist behavior change. The team’s areas of expertise include SP and RP data collection, analysis and visualization, epidemiology of motor vehicle collisions and injuries, crash modeling, behavior safety program development and evaluation, traffic safety policy including TZD (Toward Zero Death) and regulation development and evaluation. Additionally, MIPI has collaborated with community partners to design, administer and analyze numerous statewide public opinion surveys utilizing various survey methods.

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Recent MIPI Publications & Research

Photo of Megan Cott
Megan Cott Program Assistant
Phone: 813-974-5962
Photo of Curtis Goodwin
Curtis Goodwin Student Assistant
Photo of Ryan Huff
Ryan Huff Senior Research Support Specialist
Photo of Siwon Jang
Siwon Jang Research Associate
Phone: 813-974-3296
Photo of Sagar Kulkarni
Sagar Kulkarni Student Assistant
Photo of Chanyoung Lee Ph.D.
Chanyoung Lee Ph.D. Program Director
Phone: 813-974-5307
Photo of Rebecca Liller
Rebecca Liller Research Assistant
Photo of Shilpi Sirohi
Shilpi Sirohi Student Assistant
Photo of James Takacs
James Takacs Traffic Safety Outreach Specialist
Phone: 813-974-7354
Photo of Savana Wright
Savana Wright Research Support Specialist
Phone: 813-974-6506