Program Overview

This program actively pursues innovative projects and collaborates with peers to develop and apply new concepts and technologies to solve real-world transportation problems. The expertise of its faculty and staff covers Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV), traffic operations, transportation safety, public education and outreach, and technical training and assistance.

Specialties on ITS and CAV include 1) development and application of ITS technologies to transportation systems, 2) automated shuttle demonstrations, 3) connected vehicle (CV) project evaluations 4) evaluation of smart work zone applications, 5) assessment of automated pedestrian detection systems, 6) public safety awareness technology evaluations,  7) cybersecurity for CV infrastructure, and 8) development of mobile lighting level measurement devices and automated diagnosis tools.

Traffic operations research focuses on 1) transportation systems management and operations (TSMO), 2) applications of traffic signal operations to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety, 3) demand management to reduce recurring traffic congestion, 4) optimization of freeway patrol to reduce non-recurring traffic congestion, 5) research on backup power systems to extend traffic signal operations, 6) traffic simulation, 7) traffic system modeling, and (8) advanced data collection and analysis techniques.

Safety research areas include 1) traffic safety, 2) pedestrian and bicycle safety, 3) transit safety, 4) truck safety, 5) rail safety, 6) mitigation for railroad trespasser and suicide fatalities and injuries, 7) wrong-way driving prevention, 8) incident management, and 9) behavioral research and human factor analysis, 8) school transportation research

Additionally, researchers and staff specialize in public education and outreach, public opinion surveys and analysis, graphic design and production, and development of effective paid media campaigns.  The ITS program also manages and operates the prestigious Florida Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center to serve and provide technical training and assistance to Florida local and tribal agencies.


Research Focus:
Smart work zone applications and work zone safety
Automated shuttle demonstration
Connected vehicle project evaluation
Assessment of automated pedestrian detections
Public safety awareness technology evaluation
Cybersecurity for connected vehicle infrastructures
Advanced lighting measurement systems and automated diagnosis tools
Transportation systems management and operations
Freeway management and operations
Management of recurring and non-recurring traffic congestion
Research on backup power systems to extend traffic signal operations
Pedestrian and bicycle safety research
Traffic, transit, truck, and rail safety
Mitigation for railroad trespasser and suicide fatalities and injuries
Wrong-way driving research
Behavioral research and human factor analysis


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Mouyid Islam

Research Associate ITS, Traffic Operations & SafetyLocation: CUT 137
Phone: 813-974-7146 Fax: 8139745168
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Dr. Mouyid Islam is currently a research faculty member at the Center for Urban Transportation Research in The University of South Florida. Prior to joining CUTR he was a Highway Safety Engineer with CH2M for four years. Dr. Islam also wrote many articles focusing on highway safety and crash data analysis with an emphasis on crashes involving motorcycles, large trucks, and roadway departures. He has worked on safety evaluations applying the Highway Safety Manual and has trained design and safety engineers at different agencies in predictive safety assessment using the Enhanced Interchange Safety Analysis Tool (ISATe).

Research Interest

  • Crash data analysis and modeling (Emphasis – Motorcycle, Roadway Departure Crashes, Large Trucks, Work Zones)
  • Highway Safety Manual Implementation – Safety Evaluations
  • Big data analysis


Professional Preparation

Bangladesh Univ. of Engg. & Tech. Bangladesh Civil Engg. B.Sc., 2003
Purdue University West Lafayette, IN Civil Engg. M.Sc., 2010
Asian Institute of Technology Thailand Civil Engg. M.Eng., 2005
The University of Texas (El Paso) El Paso, TX Civil Engg. Ph.D., 2012



Year(s) Title
07/2017 – present Research Faculty, CUTR, USF
03/2013 – 06/ 2017 Highway Safety Engineer, CH2M
08/2010 – 01/2013 Graduate Research Assistant at The University of Texas (El Paso)
08/2007 – 06/2010 Graduate Research Assistant at Purdue University
07/ 2005 – 06/2007 Research Associate, Thailand Accident Research Center
04/2003 – 07/2003 Accident Research Institute, Bangladesh Univ. of Engg. and Tech.


  • Islam M.B. (2017). An Exploratory Analysis on Fatalities of Roadway Departure Crashes, First International Roadside Safety Conference, pp. 393 – 420. San Francisco, California, June 12–15,
  • Islam, M.B., Perez-Bravo, Dante, Silverman, K.K. (2016). Performance-based Assessment to Transportation Safety Planning for Metropolitan Travel Improvement Study, 96th Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C., USA.
  • Islam, M.B. and Hernandez, S. (2015). Fatality Rates for Crashes Involving Heavy Vehicles on Highways: A Random Parameter Tobit Regression Approach.” Journal of Transportation Safety and Security, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 247-265.
  • Islam, M.B. (2015). Multi-vehicle Crashes Involving Large Trucks: A Random Parameter Discrete Outcome Modeling Approach. Journal of The Transportation Research Forum, Vol. 54, No. 1, pp. 77-103.
  • Islam, M.B. and Hernandez, S. (2014). An Analysis of Injury Outcomes of Crashes Involving Large Trucks by Time of Day in Urban Areas in Texas. 94th Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C., USA.
  • Islam, M.B. and Hernandez, S. (2013). Modeling Injury Outcomes of Crashes involving Heavy Vehicles on Texas Highways. Transportation Research Board: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, Washington D.C., TRR 2388, pp. 28-36.
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  • Ahmed, A., Anastasopoulos, P.Ch., Ong, G.P., Labi, S., Islam, M.B. (2012). Factors Affecting Highway Safety, Health Care Services, and Motorization – An Exploratory Empirical Analysis using Aggregate Data. Journal of Transportation Safety and Security. Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 94-115.
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  • Islam, M.B., and Kanitpong, K. (2008). Identification of Factors of Road Accidents through in-depth Accident Analysis. Journal of International Association of Traffic Safety and Sciences (IATSS), Vol.32, No.2, pp. 58- 67.
  • Islam, M.B., Ponboon, S., Boontob, N., and Kanitpong, K. (2007). Is it a Timely Approach for Bus Accident Investigation in Thailand? Journal of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS), Vol.6, pp. 2639-2654.


Synergistic Activities

  • Training
  • Trained safety and design engineers at Missouri Department of Transportation on the Enhanced Freeway and Interchange Safety Analysis tool (ISATe) as part of Highway Safety Manual application to highway design projects on input data, output results, and interpretation of the results. Answered the conceptual and tool related questions from the participants.
  • Trained the office highway and traffic safety group on Highway Safety Manual application in Omaha, Nebraska, as one the largest case studies in the country Predictive Safety Assessment in Omaha at CH2M.
  • Trained and presented on technical paper writing as part of Transportation Technology Transfer (T3) for Chicago Office at CH2M.

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