Program Overview

This program actively pursues innovative projects to develop and apply new concepts and technologies to solve real-world transportation problems. ITS specialties include development and application of ITS technologies to transportation systems, comprehensive evaluation of ITS deployments, advanced traffic management systems, advanced traveler information systems, and development of mobile lighting level measurement devices. Traffic operations research focuses on advanced traffic signal technologies, traffic control and operations, freeway management and operations, traffic simulation, congestion management, traffic system modeling, and data collection techniques. Safety research areas include traffic safety, motorcycle safety, pedestrian and bicycle safety, transit safety, truck safety, incident management, interstate route diversion, crash avoidance systems, safety program evaluation, driving behavior study, pedestrian and bicycling behavior study, and safe routes to schools. Researchers also specialize in traffic impact studies, trip generation for transit-oriented development, trip internalization in multi-use developments, public opinion surveys and analysis, and development of effective paid media campaigns.


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