CUTR Administration Staff


Photo of Arunima Bagui
Arunima Bagui Manager – Fiscal & Business Administration Administrative TeamLocation: CUT 115
Phone: 813-396-9314
Photo of Lizette Charriez
Lizette Charriez Leave Coordinator/Business SpecialistLocation: CUT 114
Phone: 813-974-7240
Photo of Donna Everhart-Reno
Donna Everhart-Reno Travel Coordinator Administrative TeamLocation: CUT 121
Phone: 813-974-9757
Photo of LaToyia Fipps
LaToyia Fipps Purchasing & A/P Coordinator Administrative TeamLocation: CUT 114
Phone: 813-974-4954
Photo of Pamela Lapaugh
Pamela Lapaugh Senior Staff Assistant, CRA-USF Administrative TeamLocation: CUT 100
Phone: 813-974-7891
Photo of Reena Raturi
Reena Raturi Federal Grants Coordinator NICR Fiscal ManagerLocation: CUT 116
Phone: 813-974-9761
Photo of Christina Van Allen
Christina Van Allen Communications Officer Location: CUT 111
Phone: 813-974-9439
Photo of Ryan Wakefield
Ryan Wakefield Multimedia Designer Location: EDU
Phone: 813-974-4896