Improving Transportation Access to Health Care Services



Principal Investigator Kristine Williams
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Limited access to health care affects tens of millions of Americans daily, most of whom are identified as transportation disadvantaged – that is, unable to transport themselves due to age, income, disability, or some other factor. This research aims to illuminate the problem of transportation access to health care, along with solutions for overcoming gaps and barriers to such access. National and statewide studies are first reviewed to create context for the problem. Documents from local transportation planning bodies and health departments are also analyzed to determine the state of health care access in the Tampa Bay Region, particularly Hillsborough County. Case studies providing potential solutions are detailed in the third section of the report. This research then culminates in a strategic plan framework, presenting six objectives, specific actions to reach these objectives, and brief guidance for sharing responsibility and locating funding opportunities. Each strategy is also accompanied by case studies and contact information where relevant. The framework is intended as a strategic planning resource for use by Hillsborough County planning and social service agencies in improving access to health care services for the transportation disadvantaged, as well as by other communities facing similar challenges.

Grant DTRT13-G-UTC56
USF # 79062-20
Funding Amount $50,000
Project Start Date 1/1/18
Expected Date of Completion 4/30/19
Performing Organization Center for Urban Transportation Research- National Center for Transit Research
Sponsor Organization Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology- University Transportation Centers Program -Department of Transportation
Project Manager Robert L. Bertini Ph.D
Principal Investigator Kristine Williams