Schedule Information

Sessions will be offered during May, June, and July. Registration is required for each specific session. Below is an overview of the professional development opportunities offered during the workshop.


May sessions included:

  1. Wednesday, May 12 @ 11:15am: Welcome Session: FPTA/FDOT/CUTR Professional Development Workshop
  2. Thursday, May 13 @ 1pm: TDP and TDSP Coordinated Planning Techniques and TDSP Ridership Forecasting
  3. Monday, May 17 @ 10am: Ridership and COVID-19? Learn how gaining a deeper understanding of your market through social marketing can help to plan for behavior change
  4. Wednesday, May 19 @ 10am: Florida Transit Maintenance Consortium Meeting
  5. Friday, May 21 @ 10am: Bicycle Friendly Driver Course for Transit Operators
  6. Monday, May 24 @ 10am: Safety Performance Metrics for Small and Rural Transit Agencies
  7. Wednesday, May 26 @ 2pm: Managing Small Rural Agency Outsourced Fleet Maintenance
  8. Friday, May 28 @ 10am: Shared Mobility Session

June sessions included:

  1. Tuesday, June 8 @ 10am: Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual
  2. Thursday, June 10 @ 2pm: Drug & Alcohol Program Management for “5310-only” Agencies
  3. Monday, June 14 @ 2pm: Fare Free Transit Systems: Issues and Opportunities
  4. Wednesday, June 16 @ 10am: The Journey Forward: Advancing Equity in Transportation Planning
  5. Friday, June 18 @ 10am: Battery Electric Bus Challenges
  6. Monday, June 21 @ 1pm: Rural Public Transportation and Mobility Management Trends and Opportunities
  7. Wednesday, June 23 @ 2pm: Florida Transit Safety and Operations (FTSON) Quarterly Meeting
  8. Friday, June 25 @ 10am: Florida Association of Paratransit Technicians
  9. Monday, June 28 @ 11am: Emergency Management Tabletop Exercises for Small and Rural Transit Agencies

July sessions included:

  1. Friday, July 9 @ 10am: Be Equipped to Be Successful
  2. Monday, July 12 @ 10am: Embracing the Change: Partnering with Taxi and TNC Services to Enhance Public Transportation
  3. Friday, July 16 @ 10am: Introduction to Hazard Risk Assessments
  4. Monday, July 19 @ 2pm: FTA Drug & Alcohol Regulatory Updates and Program Resources
  5. Wednesday, July 21 @ 2pm: PSTA and DTPW celebrate two first-of-their-kind premium transit service initiatives in the Tampa Bay and South Florida regions
  6. Thursday, July 22 @ 10am: Automated Vehicles Session
  7. Tuesday, July 27 @ 2pm: Florida Small and Rural Transit Agency Defensive Driving Training Program
  8. Wednesday, July 28 @ 10am: Small and Rural Transit Agency Roundtable Discussion
  9. Friday, July 30 @ 10am: TRIPS Invoicing and Procurement Procedures

An Update on the Florida Transit Safety and Operations Summit

More information to follow.