Schedule Information

Participants can attend all three days in their entirety or choose to attend specific sessions. Pre-registration is required for all attendees and should include all sessions and events that the registrant expects to attend.

This is an overview of the professional development opportunities offered during this three day event.


The most current session descriptions 

Monday Session:

  1. Florida Transit Safety and Operations Summit

Tuesday Sessions:

  1. General Session: Sustaining Service and Transit Staffing during Unprecedented Times
  2. Effective Practices in Bus Transit Accident Investigations (FTA Report 0204)
  3. FTA Drug & Alcohol Regulatory Updates and Program Compliance Tips
  4. Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce
  5. LPIP/FAPT Meeting
  6. General Session: Welcome Luncheon (pre-registration required)
  7. Transit and Cyber Security: Lessons Learned from the Field
  8. Persona-building: A user-centered approach to understanding and addressing the needs of our transit customers
  9. See Something, Say Something: Noticing and Responding to the Signs of Suicide
  10. Florida Transit Maintenance Consortium (FTMC) Meeting
  11. Ballard Hydrogen Fuel Cell Solutions
  12. Crashworthiness/Crash Energy Management for Transit Bus (FTA Report 0179)
  13. Preparing for FTA Drug and Alcohol Program Audits and FDOT Triennial Reviews
  14. Succession Planning: Cultivating Transit's Next Generation

Wednesday Sessions:

  1. Small and Rural Roundtable
  2. Shared Mobility Session 
  3. Transit System Electrification from Conceptual Planning through Smart Operational Design to Sustainable Maintenance Implementation 
  4. Pre-Trip Inspections PLUS 
  5. The Healthy Buddy Program: Addressing Immobility in Transportation-Disadvantaged Older Adults through a Community-Based Initiative 
  6. Complete Streets and Transit Access and Safety Evaluation Tools 
  7. Autonomous Vehicle Session 
  8. Complying with Your Public Transit Agency Safety Plan 
  9. Hurricane Preparedness 2022 
  10. General Session Luncheon Program – National Transit Frontline Worker Recruitment Campaign (pre-registration required)
  11. Transit Service Planning and Development in Partnership with Community Based Organizations, Volunteers and Customer Advocates 
  12. Unlocking your Creative Potential
  13. FDOT Central Office/District Meeting

Virtual Events

The recordings for the two virtual events are available.