CUTR’s Mission, Vision, and Values


  • Proactively support implementation of innovative multimodal transportation solutions and develop leaders through research, education and action.


  • A vibrant, multimodal, multidisciplinary university transportation center that is an exciting place for students to learn and an engaging environment for faculty to conduct compelling research.

Strategic Goals

  • Research
  • Educate
  • Lead
  • Implement
  • Collaborate


  • Safety
  • Service
  • Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Mentoring
  • Global
  • Engagement
  • Inclusivity
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Supportive

Distracted Driving Policy 

CUTR supports federal and state policies against distracted driving. It is CUTR policy that employees will not text or email and drive while on CUTR business, and we encourage our employees to voluntarily follow these practices while on their own time as well:

  • Florida Statues (F.S.) 316.305 Wireless Communications Devices Prohibition that prohibits motorists from using mobile phones to text or email.
  • Follow the Florida Highway Patrol tips for driving: make safe driving your first priority, keep your eyes on the road, limit conversation and use common sense.
  • As we receive federal grants for our work, we follow Federal Executive Order 13513 that encourages organizations to ban text messaging while driving company-owned or rented vehicles or while driving privately owned vehicles while on official business or when performing any work for or on behalf of the Government.