Kristine Williams, AICP, PCM Program Director

AICP, Program Director, Planning and Corridor Management, has expertise in access management, right-of-way preservation, growth management, transportation planning and policy, land use law, and public involvement. Williams has drafted land development regulations and comprehensive plan policies; prepared planning and regulatory models and “how to” handbooks; and conducted training and presentations for agencies and stakeholder groups on a variety of transportation planning and corridor management issues. She is a primary author (with Vergil Stover) of the first national Access Management Manual (TRB 2003), and has assisted state transportation agencies, MPOs, and local governments in developing access management and corridor preservation plans, policies and regulations. Williams is a winner of the 2004 FAPA Excellence Award for her work in multimodal transportation policy and a Fulbright Senior Specialist candidate. She has a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from Michigan State University and Chair of the Transportation Research Board Committee on Access Management.

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Jeff Kramer, AICP, PCM Senior Research Associate

AICP,Senior Research Associate. Master of City Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994; BA, Government, Cornell University, 1988. Specialties: transportation and land use planning, government relations.

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Vergil Stover, Ph.D., P.E., PCM Affiliated Faculty

Ph.D., P.E., Planning and Corridor Management, has expertise in access management, roadway design, transportation engineering, transportation planning, and economics. Dr. Stover is an engineer and economist and has served as a consultant on major development projects, an expert witness on access and site development cases, and has assisted numerous state and local agencies in developing access management programs and standards. He is an internationally known expert on access management and roadway design and is co-Principal Investigator for the first national Access Management Manual. Dr. Stover is the principal author of the ITE text Transportation and Land Development (ITE 2002) and conducts the National Highway Institute Short Courses on Access Location and Design. Dr. Stover is Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning at Texas A&M University, holds a Ph.D. in Transportation Planning and Economics from Purdue University, and is an emeritus member of the TRB Committee on Access Management and a Life Fellow of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

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