CUTR has a team of experienced and dedicated personnel who work on a range of transportation-related projects and programs. The center’s staff includes educators, researchers, and technical experts who are committed to improving transportation safety for all road users.

In addition to its core staff, CUTR also works with a network of partners and collaborators in the transportation field. These partners include other research institutions, government agencies, and industry associations. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these partners, CUTR is able to make a greater impact on transportation safety and driver education issues.

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Photo of Aditi Sugeerappa Hoti
Aditi Sugeerappa Hoti Student Assistant ITS, Traffic Operations & Safety
Photo of James Takacs
James Takacs Traffic Safety Outreach Specialist Motorcycle Injury PreventionLocation: CUT 209
Phone: 813-974-7354
Photo of Wendy Teague
Wendy Teague Graphic Designer Office Site
Phone: 813-974-3120
Photo of Evangeline Van Linkous
Evangeline Van Linkous Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Planning CUTR Affiliated Faculty
Phone: 813-310-0341
Photo of Sai Lokesh Reddy Vazrala
Sai Lokesh Reddy Vazrala Data Collection Support Motorcycle Injury Prevention
Photo of Stephen Wachtler
Stephen Wachtler Program Director, Transit Safety and Workforce Development Location: CUT 232
Phone: 813-974-8755
Photo of Ryan Wakefield
Ryan Wakefield Multimedia Designer Location: EDU
Phone: 813-974-4896
Photo of Chenying Wang
Chenying Wang Student Researcher ITS, Traffic Operations & Safety
Photo of Zhenyu Wang
Zhenyu Wang Senior Research Associate ITS, Traffic Operations & SafetyLocation: CUT 120
Phone: 813-974-8998
Photo of Joey Watynski
Joey Watynski Student Researcher Transit Management & Innovation
Photo of Monis Wazir
Monis Wazir OPS Assistant ITS, Traffic Operations and Safety
Photo of Vanessa Wheeler
Vanessa Wheeler Pedestrian and Bicycle Specialist Transportation Demand ManagementLocation: Office-site
Photo of Philip L. Winters
Philip L. Winters Program Director, Transportation Demand Management USF NICR Tech Transfer Assistant DirectorLocation: CUT 212
Phone: 813-974-9811
Photo of Savana Wright
Savana Wright Senior Research Support Specialist Location: CUT 134A
Phone: 813-974-6506
Photo of Roberta Yegidis
Roberta Yegidis Affiliated Faculty Transit Safety and Workforce DevelopmentLocation: Office-site
Phone: 813-974-3120
Photo of Ralph Yoder
Ralph Yoder CUTR Advisory Board Member, Ex Officio Florida Transportation CommissionExecutive Director
Photo of Tansel Yucelen
Tansel Yucelen Associate Professor, USF Department of Mechanical Engineering
Photo of Abla Zayed, Ph.D.
Abla Zayed, Ph.D. Professor, Materials Science and Engineering University of South Florida
Phone: 813-974-5823
Photo of Laurie Zeruto
Laurie Zeruto Program Planner Transit Safety and Workforce Development
Photo of Yu Zhang, Ph.D.
Yu Zhang, Ph.D. Program Director, Advanced Air Mobility NICR DirectorCivil and Environmental Engineering-ENC
Phone: 813-974-5846