CUTR has a team of experienced and dedicated personnel who work on a range of transportation-related projects and programs. The center’s staff includes educators, researchers, and technical experts who are committed to improving transportation safety for all road users.

In addition to its core staff, CUTR also works with a network of partners and collaborators in the transportation field. These partners include other research institutions, government agencies, and industry associations. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these partners, CUTR is able to make a greater impact on transportation safety and driver education issues.

Ryan Wakefield

Multimedia Designer Location: EDU
Phone: 813-974-4896
Photo of Ryan Wakefield



Ryan Wakefield uses the latest digital technology to design publications, marketing collateral, logos, illustrations, and web templates. Provides graphic design, photography, and videography support for the College of Engineering and CUTR.


BA    Graphic Design                                                                                                  2001

University of Central Florida