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Qiong Shan Chen

Student Assistant ITS, Traffic Operations & Safety
Phone: (813) 974-9795
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Ms. Chen was hired as an Undergraduate Research Assistant for the Center of Urban Transportation Research to work on Florida’s Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety project, funded by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Her responsibilities included surveying, observing, and analyzing pedestrian and bicycle behavior throughout the state of Florida. She was also responsible for working safety outreach events throughout the state, as well as on the USF campus to educate students and local residents about the importance of pedestrian and bicycle safety. In August 2015, she was promoted to Educational Outreach Coordinator as a supervisor to outreach students and a coordinator of outreach events. She is currently responsible for managing twelve undergraduate and graduate students on both the Comprehensive Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety project and Pedestrian Evaluation project.

In Fall 2016, she was admitted into the College of Public Health graduate program at the University of South Florida. Ms. Chen is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with a concentration in Global Communicable Disease.