CUTR has a team of experienced and dedicated personnel who work on a range of transportation-related projects and programs. The center’s staff includes educators, researchers, and technical experts who are committed to improving transportation safety for all road users.

In addition to its core staff, CUTR also works with a network of partners and collaborators in the transportation field. These partners include other research institutions, government agencies, and industry associations. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these partners, CUTR is able to make a greater impact on transportation safety and driver education issues.

Bob Southall

Vehicle Field Inspector Transit Safety and Workforce Development
Photo of Bob Southall


Robert (Bob) Southall started his transit career as a technician apprentice for the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA) in September 1975. Bob wore many hats in his 30+ year career at GCRTA which included, Technician, Technician Supervisor, Technical Services Specialist and District Maintenance Manager. A couple of highlights in Bob’s GCRTA career were his collaboration with the reconstruction of 2 District garages and management a large CNG bus fleet for GCRTA when CNG technology was in its infancy.

After retiring from GCRTA in 2006, Bob relocated to Southwest Florida where he started a career with the Lee County Transit System (LeeTran) in 2007 and held positions as an Operations Supervisor, Sr. Operations Supervisor and a Maintenance Manager during his 11+ year tenure at LeeTran. Bob played an integral role in the relocation of LeeTran to the current state of the art facility in Fort Myers, FL. Also, in collaboration with FDOT, Bob assisted in the development of the FDOT Certified Transit Technician training center and procured one of the first LPG (propane) powered cutaway fleets in the State of Florida at LeeTran.

Bob is currently a Safety and Health Consultant (Maintenance Reviewer) as a member of the CUTR transit review team, which assists and educates statewide transit providers with compliancy related to vehicle maintenance and daily operations through triennial reviews and training workshops.