William “Bill” Mayer

Transit Operations Specialist Transit Safety and Workforce DevelopmentLocation: CUT 235
Phone: 813-974-2646
Photo of William “Bill” Mayer


William “Bill” Mayer is currently an Operations Specialist working on the Florida Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) and the Florida Transit Safety and Operations Network (FTSON).  He is available to assist with public transit issues to include safety, maintenance, other operations areas and participation in the coordination of response to state or local declared emergency incidents.

Bill Mayer is a seasoned, dedicated transit professional with over 25 years in transit operations.  He has demonstrated management performance and capabilities through specific initiatives such as the operational efficiencies at VOTRAN that came as a result of his direction.  He was responsible for ongoing dialogue and engagement with members of VOTRAN’s maintenance team and was central to collective bargaining negotiations with the agency’s union.  As a longstanding member and one of the leaders of Florida’s Transit (Operations and Maintenance) Mega-Roadeo Committee, he has contributed to the tremendous success of these events.  His direct, on sight management of events hosted by VOTRAN resulted in some most successful Roadeos held in the state.

While at VOTRAN, he was actively involved in procurement specification development, working with agency procurement staff, and vendor contract negotiations.  He has developed and delivered transit training curriculum on a variety of topics.  He has been certified by the Community Transportation Association of America to teach Passenger Service and Safety.  He was one of VOTRAN’s leads on emergency preparedness and response initiatives and working with the local Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  He also served in a statewide capacity for assistance needed following the hurricanes that impacted Florida in 2004 and 2005 and evacuations and other emergency response activities necessary in regional and local fire emergencies.