Monis Wazir

OPS Assistant ITS, Traffic Operations and Safety
Photo of Monis Wazir


I grew up in Indian Administered Kashmir; a place sandwiched between India and Pakistan, known for its pristine beauty and history of conflict. I completed my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from SRM University Chennai in 2015. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a concentration in Transportation Engineering. I am fascinated by the opportunity the CUTR has given me, to work with ITS, Traffic Operations and Safety program under the supervision of Dr. Zhenyu Wang and Dr. Pei-Sung Lin who have been absolute pillars to my efforts.

In my current role as a Research Assistant at CUTR (Center of Urban Transportation Research), I have had the opportunity to conduct studies that seek to promote pedestrian and motorcyclist safety. Among other projects, I conducted a Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS) in which I examined the behavior dynamics between drivers and pedestrians at signalized intersections and performed statistical analyses on the collected data to understand the pattern of the interactions. I also performed a study to investigate the effectiveness of DSFS (Dynamic Feedback Sign) to improve motorcyclist safety-related behaviors on rural two-lane curves. My work experience with CUTR has helped me better understand the wide-ranging and multi-dimensional nature of transportation design. I also have prior experience working as a field and design engineer for construction companies. I believe with my work experience in the industry, and a background in transportation research, I have the skill set necessary to succeed in this field.