Miao Zhang

Graduate Research Assistant ITS, Traffic Operations & SafetyLocation: CUT 128
Phone: 813-403-9434
Photo of Miao Zhang


Miao Zhang serves as the Graduate Research Assistant on data collection and analysis. He works with Dr. Lin and Dr. Kourtellis on Ped Program Evaluation and Data Collection, NDS Data Analysis, and several related projects. Miao Zhang got his Electrical Engineering (EE) Master’s degree from USF in the fall 2016. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in EE at USF.

Professional skills & interests:

  • Database programming: Python, SQL
  • Optimization solvers: Gurobi, CVX, Fmincon, YALMIP
  • Power system modeling: Simpower/Simulink in Matlab, PSCAD
  • Battery system identification and modeling
  • Photovoltaics DC/AC converter analysis and modeling
  • Traffic signal backup system: diesel/gasoline generators, fuel cell generators, etc.