Alex Kolpakov

Senior Research Associate Transit Research ProgramLocation: CUT 225
Phone: (813) 974-4038
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I am a senior research associate at the Center for Urban Transportation Research, University of South Florida (CUTR). During my 16 years with CUTR, I have been managing a wide variety of transportation-related research projects, including evaluating alternative propulsion technologies and fuels, performing economic impact analysis of transportation investment, assessing aviation capital investment and airport security needs, analyzing user rates and fees at public use airports, as well as performing transportation policy analysis. My recent projects involve researching the state of practice in developing and implementing airport clean vehicle policies, evaluating operating costs of alternative fuel buses in Florida and conducting market penetration analysis of alternative fuel and autonomous vehicles in Florida. I am also a coordinator of the Tampa Bay Clean Cities Coalition, a program funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.



Senior Research Associate, Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), USF, 05/2003 – present


Major Accomplishments:

  • Analyzed field data on performance and operating costs of alternatively fueled transit vehicles, as well as infrastructure and training costs associated with operating alternative fuel buses in Florida.
  • Performed the analysis of market penetration of autonomous vehicle (AV) and alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) technologies nationally and in Florida, including the assessment of adoption trends, impact of AV/AFV technologies of future VMT and infrastructure needs, forecast of potential cost implications from widespread adoption of AV and AFV technologies.
  • Researched and synthesized the experience of public use airports with implementing clean vehicle policies for private ground transportation providers.
  • Developed guidelines for determining fair market value of airport property to assist airport managers and public elected officials with valuation of airport property.
  • Researched and synthesized idle reduction practices of the U.S. transit fleets.
  • Performed fleet cost analysis and projection of impacts of the widespread adoption of advanced electric drive technologies on the U.S. transit vehicles.
  • Developed roadway jurisdiction policy for Pinellas County allowing to simplify and clarify roadway maintenance responsibilities and traffic jurisdiction of the county and incorporated municipalities.
  • Compiled and synthesized current and past research on the value of time and the value of reliability of travel.
  • Applied risk-based approach to assess security needs of Florida General Aviation (GA) airports and developed a prioritization methodology for addressing those needs.
  • Developed public airport revenue diversion guidelines to assist airport managers and local elected officials with appropriate/allowable use airport revenue.