§334.065, Florida Statutes – Center for Urban Transportation Research

  1. There is established at the University of South Florida the Florida Center for Urban Transportation Research
  2. The center shall be a continuing resource for the Legislature, the Department of Transportation, local governments, the nation’s metropolitan regions, and the private sector in the area of urban transportation research
  3. An advisory board shall be created to periodically and objectively review and advise the center concerning its research program

CUTR Advisory Board Materials

The agendas and meeting materials are located here.




2021 CUTR Advisory Board





Lisa Bacot

CUTR Advisory Board Member, Ex Officio Executive Director, Florida Public Transportation Association
Photo of Lisa Bacot


Lisa Bacot is currently the executive director of the Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA). She has nearly 25 years of experience working with transportation and health care issues here in Florida. Prior to joining FPTA, she was the Director of Business Development for TMS Management Group, Inc., a national transportation brokerage company.  From 1996 to 2008, Lisa was employed by the Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged, a state agency legislatively charged with ensuring transportation disadvantaged services are provided to the citizens of Florida, she served as the Executive Director for 5 years.  

Lisa graduated from Florida State University in 1993 with her bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Sociology and has been appointed to numerous national human service transportation coordination panels, committees, and advisory councils.

Former CUTR Advisory Board Members

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