Government and academia often approach the development and delivery of transportation infrastructure and services on a macro scale. The goal is to keep peak period traffic flowing on major corridors. A converse approach is to provide highly targeted transportation services at a micro scale to meet the needs of those same commuters. Best Workplaces for Commuters, representing over 4 million U.S. employees, uses this approach for its program.

Best Workplaces for Commuters (BWC) released its 2021 list of just over 450 U.S.-based employers who meet the program’s National Standard of Excellence. These elite employers reap business advantages by providing exceptional commuter benefits to their employees. Such commuter benefits enable them to recruit and retain top talent, while lowering office and parking overhead costs. These benefits can include Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits allowed under IRC Sec. 132(f), bike friendly amenities, last-mile shuttles, guaranteed emergency ride home, and telework arrangements.

A national authority on commuter benefits, BWC provides members with an array of services to bolster worksite commuter programs and solve employee transportation problems. These services include webinars, guidebooks, peer-to-peer networking, and information from benchmark surveys. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency originally developed BWC; over 15 years ago, the agency turned over its administration and development to the Center for Urban Transportation Research.

BWC has since grown under the management of Senior Research Associate Julie Bond with assistance from Program Training Support Specialist Christine Epps and Program Support Specialist Vanessa Wheeler.

The BWC list represents a diverse mix of public and private employers from 33 states, large and small, and a range of workplace types including hospitals, banks, hotels, retail, utilities, non-profits, government and universities.

The University of South Florida Tampa campus and five district offices of the Florida Department of Transportation are among the businesses in this elite list.

BWC represents a successful partnership of meeting both business needs and commuter transportation needs, one work site at a time.

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