“ITS World Congress has honored the THEA CV Pilot by placing it in the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame as the 2019 Americas Winner.  The Hall of Fame was created to recognize luminaries and true thought leaders in the ITS field.  This award “highlights the success of the most outstanding, ambitious and innovative ITS deployments.” The award will be presented at the ITS World Congress in Singapore, October 21-25, 2019.

As the Performance Evaluation Task Lead, CUTR has been an integral part to the success of the Pilot.  THEA would be honored for the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR), University of South Florida to attend the ceremony and be recognized with THEA for the outstanding efforts Dr. Concas has made in ensuring that the data generated by the Pilot is of the highest quality.  Dr. Concas has shown creativity, perseverance and a willingness to work with private sector vendors beyond his role to make the data available and usable for the USDOT […].” – Mr. Frey, Planning Director at THEA.

Congratulations to Program Director Dr. Sisinnio Concas and his team with the THEA CV Pilot for earning this distinction!

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