Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Performance-Based Management and Operations of Transportation Systems: Curriculum Concepts

The Federal Highway Administration has been supporting a project aimed at developing and preparing a fully annotated Model Curriculum on Performance-based Planning for Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO) that can be used for undergraduate and graduate courses in Transportation Planning and/or Traffic Engineering. The curriculum has been developed as a series of eight modules with case studies and PowerPoint presentations that can easily be incorporated into both undergraduate and graduate courses. Join us for a quick introduction to the curriculum and hear from faculty members Dr. Stephanie Ivey (University of Memphis) and Dr. Mohammed Hadi (Florida International University) who have been incorporating TSMO components into their courses.

An Academic Curriculum that Inspires Future Transportation Professionals to Have a Broader Perspective on Managing and Operating Transportation Systems

Webinar Outline

  • Introduction of webinar (John Halkias/Jocelyn Bauer)
  • Rationale for integrating performance-based management and operation of transportation systems into academic curricula. (Robert Bertini)
  • Overview of the curriculum concept and modules (Mike Smith)
  • Illustrative case studies to reinforce curriculum concepts. (Robert Bertini/Mike Smith)
  • How an instructor can integrate these concepts into an undergraduate or graduate course (Stephanie Ivey/Robert Bertini/Mohamed Hadi)
  • Review of curriculum brochure and outreach approach (Robert Bertini)
  • Q&A and comments from webinar participants (Open discussion)
  • Closing comments (John Halkias)

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