Assessment of Mobile Fare Payment Technology for Future Deployment in Florida

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is conducting a two-part research study to evaluate the efficacy of deploying a mobile phone fare payment system at a transit agency in Florida. FDOT selected StarMetro as the pilot agency. The goal of this project was to provide FDOT with a framework for the implementation of a future mobile payment pilot with a Florida transit agency. The objectives of the research project were to:

  • Evaluate the “state of the industry” in mobile fare payment technology from a national and Florida perspective.
  • Analyze the experiences of agencies that have or are in the process of implementing mobile payment systems in order to identify best practices.
  • Explore the applicability of transit mobile fare technology in Florida.

Based on insights gained from the interviews conducted with five transit agencies with different vendors and at different phases of mobile fare deployment, the research team developed a concept of operations (ConOps) that can be used by any transit agency considering adding a mobile ticketing option to their fare system. The ConOps detailed the following:

  • Customer-facing Mobile Ticketing Application
  • Additional Mobile Ticketing Application Features
  • Fare Inspector Application
  • Reporting and Backend System
  • Financial Processing
  • Estimated Pilot Project Timeline and Budget
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Agency Staff
  • Proposed Evaluation Plan

Download final report.  For more information, contact Nevine Georggi.

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